Okay, so my son found a knife at the creek with a metal detector. As a person who’s received a legal education, I instantly thought “murder weapon.” But, then after checking for any signs of blood or distinguishing marks, concluded that this is most likely abandoned property and not hidden evidence to some cold case out there.

So do I let my 10 year old son keep this knife cart blanch? Heck no! But I decided NOT to completely confiscate it. Instead, I offered to teach him how to carve on sticks and sharpen pencils, under fatherly supervision. He loves it, it brings us together in the evenings and my daughter, Reagan, thinks it’s pretty fun too.

So glad to have had this moment of male and female initiation with my kids, teach them some knife safety at the same time, and enjoy a bright family moment during quarantine. Keep finding those gems in this temporary new normal. We are living through history. These will be the stories we will talk about for the rest of our lives!

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