The rough draft has been printed and the first read through is done.

The major pieces are laid out. Now the puzzle has to come together.

There’s still lots to be done. But I keep telling myself… inch-by-inch it’s a cinch. Yard-by-yard it’s hard.

Everyday, I get in my office. Some days it’s not pretty. Some days it’s super successful.

Believe. Tomorrow may be the day of breakthrough. Don’t give up!

Oh yeah, as per some of your requests, heres an update on DAY #15 & #16.

DAY #15 I read through the first half of the rough draft mainly looking for the big picture connections of material I’ve written thus far. (I also did a little bit of editing, which is probably a waste if time at this point, but I couldn’t help myself.

DAY #16 I rested. I tried not to even think about the book project. It was Casey’s Birthday. We spent the day celebrating her, doing what she felt like doing. It was glorious. 🥳

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