Starting Something New

When you start something new, start it with friends. For me, it starts with prayer. I turn to my Creator. I journal. I pace. I cry out for direction. This centers me. This gets not only my heart, but my gut right. Then, I write what I hear, envision & see down. Starting something new […]

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For the Youth

Meet @alexanderad! He’s a youth leader at @elevationchurch (Concord Campus). He has a passion to serve God and to raise up strong student disciples. Four years ago, @casey_johnson82 and I had the privilege of overseeing a youth group that grew from 50 students to over 200 in 6 months time. At our monthly outreach events, […]

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My Story Part 1

Full Interview at If you have a question or comment, please share it in the comment box at the bottom of the page! To discover more visit: Join my email list. Dr. Joel Johnson is the President of Joel Johnson Ministries (501(c)3 Charity) and founder of the Dark Horse Initiative. Dark Horse’s vision is to see “every underdog […]

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Messy Life Podcast

MESSY LIFE PODCAST: JULY 1st Casey & I hit the air. It’s us, the Johnson’s, like you’ve never heard before. July 1: Laugh with us. Cry with us. In one of the most transparent and courageous endeavors we’ve ever taken. Life is messy. But in the mess, we have found our message (and our voice). […]

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Guilt & Shame

SHAME says, “I am bad.” GUILT says, “I did something bad.” SHAME focuses on self. GUILT focuses on behavior. GUILT can be good, if it leads to empathy and understanding others perspectives. SHAME is a lie. Like all of us, you may have done something bad, but you – my beautiful friend – are not. […]

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The Advantage

The difference between successful organizations and mediocre or unsuccessful ones, has less to do with how “smart” they are and has everything to do with how healthy they are. How can you tell if your company, non-profit or church is healthy? It will experience very little confusion and politics, high levels of morale and productivity, […]

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WELCOME TO THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA: In the next 10 years, emotional intelligence will determine the level of your and your organization’s success. The most important factor to grow and scale your life, church or organization is not the IQ of your “internal culture,” it’s the EQ — Emotional Quotient. Why? Low emotional intelligence […]

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