Messy Life Podcast

Thank you for helping create the MESSY LIFE PODCAST graphic! 👏🏽🎉 These photos 📷 show the progression of how we got here! (Below) Your involvement has meant the world to us! ❤️ HUGE thanks to @stephanie_hinkle for creating all these beauties. We love you and your amazing husband @tchinkle!!! You two are truly once in […]

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WOULD YOU DO ME A HUGE FAVOR PLEASE? I NEED to decide the final version of our graphic today and I’m struggling to choose. WHICH ONE DO YOU LIKE BEST? A or B? (Please comment below. Thanks!) MESSY LIFE PODCAST is launching JULY 1st! 🎉 (I’m done. I’m going with whatever ya’ll decide. Lol! 😂)


Frank Graeber

This is a picture of my Grandfather taken during WWII. He was born and raised in San Fransisco by two German immigrants. His dad was a butcher and his mother raised him and his older sister, selling die besten (the best) desserts imaginable. They named him, Frank Graeber. (As far as a name goes, it […]

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Goliath Will Fall

No matter how LOUD giants may roar, they are no match for the SILENCE of a single slung stone. Oh Child of God, you are royalty! The prayers you’ve screamed in silence are being answered. Your Goliaths will fall!

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Prayer & Worry

Prayer draws power from the unseen world, into your world. Worry always wastes. It wastes your energy, strength and life. Don’t look at the size of your mountain. ⛰ Look at the size of your God. 💪🏾 STOP worrying 🛑 & START praying. 🙏🏽

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