Dream On (Part 2)

Dreams develop daily, not in a day. Dreams develop in the process of time. Think about these Biblical dreamers: Noah – Noah is given a dream – to save humanity and the animal kingdom. It took 120 yrs.  Abraham – Promise of a son. It took 25 yrs.  Joseph – Promise he would be a great ruler. […]

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Dream On (Part 1)

In the beginning, God had a dream. His dream was you. So he planned, prepared, went through the process of producing a hospitable habitat for humanity (for you). The Old Testament book of Genesis records that it took God six days to do this. On the sixth day, He crowned his creation by creating the human-race. […]

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Work Hard. Stay Humble. (Part 4)

Humility is compassionate, but humility also has a hard edge. There is a time and place where compassion must yield. Where does a humble leader draw the line? A leader draws the line where compassion and conviction collide. A humble leader should always respond with gracious poise, but must never veer from their priorities and […]

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