The Election: Waiting in 2020

So we wait again… If there’s one thing 2020 is stretching us in, it’s patience. Wait at home. Wait for jobs and schools to reopen. “Please wait, while I run back to my car and grab the mask I forgot to put on for the 100th time!” 😷 Now we wait for the results of […]

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SOCIAL DISTANCING DATE NIGHT CHALLENGE: ⚡️”Trust Factor”⚡️(Date 2 of 3): Great marriages “SYNERGIZE.” To experience synergy, couples must move beyond PREDICTIVE TRUST into VULNERABILITY-BASED TRUST. This changes everything in a marriage! Joel & Casey will teach you how Friday night (April 24) 9PM EST! If you missed Date # 1, “Mind the Gap,” we got […]

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Okay, so my son found a knife at the creek with a metal detector. As a person who’s received a legal education, I instantly thought “murder weapon.” But, then after checking for any signs of blood or distinguishing marks, concluded that this is most likely abandoned property and not hidden evidence to some cold case […]


Marriage Conference

✈️ Traveling with this girl to Cincinnati! ❤️ There’s no one else I’d rather be doing ministry with than @casey_johnson82. She’s bold, beautiful and one of the most authentic individuals I’ve ever met. (And somehow, I convinced her to say yes to spending her life with me!) 👰🏻 So this weekend, we get the honor […]

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MY BAPTISM. 💧 So grateful for a friend who recently sent me these stills from a video they took at my baptism almost 30 years ago! Watchman Nee said “Baptism is an outward expression of an inward faith.” And this faith in Jesus Christ has transformed my heart, soul, spirit and body. I will forever […]

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Johnson Ministries

MARCH 1, 2019: I took a step of faith and launched Johnson Ministries. Today, one year later, I’m stand in awe of all that God has done and his utter faithfulness. Would you take a moment to celebrate 🎉 all the things God has done during this inaugural year of ministry:. 250 Decisions for ChristMinistered […]

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Servants of the Call

At 23, me and these beautiful human beings headed out on the road to preach the Good News to teens. We used live music, drama, and humor to open up students heart to the Gospel of Jesus. Six nights a week, three weeks a month for nine months of the year, we traveled the country […]

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